My students and I study the sedimentary record, which we use to better understand the evolution of tectonic plates, mountain belts, ocean circulation, climate and biogeography. We use sediment provenance, magnetostratigraphy, basin analysis, geochronology & thermochronology to meet these challenges.


~ Jon Pratt and Tyler Izykowski are just back from Team Barbeau’s maiden field campaign in Morocco, where we are collaborating with Prof. Anas Emran to understand the history of the opening and closing of the Rifean corridor and its relationship to the Messinian Salinity Crisis.

~ Anderson et al. 2011 was published in PNAS.

~ Amanda Savrda has successfully defended her M.S. thesis and has begun her job with ExxonMobil in Houston.

~ Jon Pratt and Justin Davis earned special commendations from the Geological Society of America for their successful applications to the GSA student research grant program.

~ Tyler Izykowski (Union B.S.) has joined Team Barbeau in pursuit of his M.S.

~ Erin Adams participated in Pete Reiners’, Sid Hemming’s, and Stuart Thomson’s Antarctichron workshop at the University of Arizona, along with LMG 09-11 cruiser Elizabeth Pierce, and guest appearances from LMG 07-17’s Kendra Murray and Willy Guenthner.

~ Sidney & Gary Hemming gaves talks in the Spring 2011 version of the School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment’s seminar series.

~ Team Barbeau has returned from its 2011 austral summer field season to the Antarctic Peninsula. Dave, Justin Davis, Ben Oliver and Mike Jonas traveled aboard the Laurence M. Gould to the James Ross basin, where the sea ice and weather finally cooperated.

~ Khandaker Zahid has successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation and has begun a post-doc at the Bureau of Economic Geology at the University of Texas in Austin. Congratulations, Zahid!

~ Hyunmee Park successfully defended her dissertation and has become the first member of Team Barbeau to earn a Ph.D. degree. Congratulations, Hyunmee!

~ Ben Oliver (Princeton B.S.) has joined Team Barbeau in pursuit of his Ph.D.

~ Mike Jonas (Penn State B.S.) has joined Team Barbeau in pursuit of his M.S.

~ Jon Pratt (Ohio State B.S.) has joined Team Barbeau in pursuit of his M.S.

~ Alex Brown has begun his M.S. at the University of Georgia and is beginning a research project in Venezuela.

~ Willy Guenthner’s paper on the thermochronology of northern Graham Land was published in G-Cubed.

~ Our new detrital-zircon data from the Trinity Peninsula Group and Mt. Flora Formation of the Antarctic Peninsula was published in Antarctic Science.

~ Hyunmee Park’s paper on Appalachian foreland basin detrital-zircon geochronology was published in Journal of Geology.

~ Our U-Pb zircon geochronology paper on the southern Rocas Verdes basin of Argentine Tierra del Fuego was published in G-Cubed.

~ Dave was awarded the Mortar Board Excellence in Teaching award.

~ Dave was featured on the Geo Quiz on BBC/PRI’s The World. Listen here.