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College of Arts & Sciences
School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment


Why the geosciences?

Geoscience majors at Carolina include: Environmental ScienceGeology, Geophysics, and Marine Science. These majors address critical issues such as energy, meteorology, water and mineral resources, stewardship of the environment, oceanography, reducing natural hazards for society, planetary science, and more! You’d be joining a field that, studies suggest, will have a workforce shortage of almost 150,000 geoscientists over the next decade. That leads to job security and puts geoscience graduates in high demand. It’s also a lucrative field. In 2014, the average median salary for geoscience-related occupations was $85,000.


Figure from GeoScience Currents, 91 American Geosciences Institute.


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Frequently asked questions about the geosciences:


What makes a good geoscientist?

Students who have a strong interest in science. 

Students who are curious about how the earth works.  

Students who want to participate in innovative research on questions that impact society.

Students who want a challenging and rewarding career.