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College of Arts & Sciences
School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment


SEOE Undergraduate Orientation Information

Students new to the University of South Carolina (both freshmen and transfer students) must undergo orientation before they can register for courses.  Orientation is administered by the USC Office of New Student Orientation.

All of the degrees within the School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment require math as part of their curricula.  Incoming students must take an online placement exam before they can register for any math courses.  Majors in Marine Science, Geophysics or Environmental Science must take the MPT-C Precalculus Placement Exam (for placement into MATH 115 or 141), while majors in Geological Sciences or Environmental Studies may choose to take either the MPT-C or the MPT-A Algebra Placement Test (for placement into MATH 111 or 122.)

Orientation includes time for individual advisement appointments with an SEOE faculty advisor, followed by the opportunity to register for courses for the upcoming semester.  Given each major's unique backgrounds and interests, students' first year course schedules vary widely; however, the following offer at least a glimpse of what your first year might look like at Carolina:

BS in Geological Sciences

BS in Marine Science

BA in Environmental Studies

BS in Environmental Science