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College of Arts & Sciences
School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment

Natural History Resources

Knowledge and understanding of the  natural world is an essential element of the broader understanding of  environmental concepts and sustainable solutions.  Although universities have tended to move  away from classical approaches to species identification and habitat  description, the ability to experience the complexities of the natural world  still excites students of all ages and can draw them into a more focused  examination and analysis of nature’s complexities.  Natural history is an essential element of our  curriculum, particularly through courses taught by Rudy Mancke, Carolina’s Naturalist in Residence.  South Carolina also provides a rich variety of natural ecosystems for faculty research and student projects, ranging from the nearby Congaree National Park, which is a unique example of old-growth floodplain forest, to the coastal and marshland habitats at the Baruch Marine Field Laboratory near Georgetown, SC.