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College of Arts & Sciences
School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment

MEERM-AWNES Internship Projects

MEERM candidates pursuing the internship-based, non-thesis option (Addressing Workforce Need in the Environmental Sciences - AWNES) execute projects defined jointly by their internship supervisors and faculty committees, and produce a relevant, professional workplace deliverable equivalent in scope and rigor to the thesis. The list below shows projects completed by our MEERM-AWNES graduate degree candidates since the option was created in 2010, with links to project summaries, presentations, and reports as available.

MEERM-AWNES Project Deliverables




Internship Site

Project Deliverable

2016 Cole Christina National Parks Service National Parks Service Capitol Area Through-Biking Maps Project
Faculty Advisor: Prof. John Kupfer
Now:   | Summary | Presentation | Final Report |
2016 Lenzo-Zimmerman Roxanne SC DHEC Reclassification of South Carolina's Beach Tiers 
Faculty Advisor: Asst. Prof. Jessica Barnes
Now: SC DHEC Summary | Presentation | Final Report |
2016 Martin Ronnie SC DHEC

Clean Water Act Implementation Assessment: How is South Carolina Implementing and are there opportunities for Improved Efficiencies?
Faculty Advisor: Prof Dwayne Porter

Now: SC DHEC Summary | Presentation | Final Report |
2016 Noonan Kimberley Dorchester County SC Parks and Recreation

Dorchester County Recreational Management Plan
Faculty Advisor: Prof. John Kupfer

Now:   | Summary | Presentation | Final Report |

2015 Jaloweicka Monika South Carolina Water Resources Center

Promoting Stormwater Policies, Management, and Regulations for South Carolina’s Eight Coastal Counties Through a Policy Chapter and Homeowner Associations (HOAs) Guide 
Faculty Advisor: Res. Prof Dwayne Porter

Summary | Presentation | Final Report |




Shield Engineering

2015 Mosblack Hallie South Carolina Army National Guard (SCARNG)

Environmental Guide for South Carolina Army National Guard Properties
Faculty Advisor: Res. Prof. Gwen Geidel


BMW South Carolina Sustainability

Summary | Presentation | Final Report |
2015 Woods D'Noia Lowcountry Alliance for Model Communities (LAMC)

Community Environmental Justice Engagement Plan for LAMC 
Faculty Advisor: Res. Prof. Dwayne Porter

Now: Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Summary | Presentation | Final Report |

2014 Kang Yi (Ellie) Shealey Energy

Feasibility Study: Treatment of Poultry Processing Wastewater Using Cavitation Technology
Faculty Advisor: Res. Prof. Dwayne Porter
| Summary| Presentation | Final Report |

Now: ShanCha, Inc.
2014 Robinson Reginald Clemson Extension-Carolina Clear

Low-Impact Development: A survey and Assessment of BMP’s for Richland County Developers
Faculty Advisor: Res. Assoc. Prof.  Jennifer Pournelle
| Summary | Presentation | Final Report | Builder Handout |

Now: DSM Chemicals

2013 Buchanan Benjamin USFWS-Carolina Sandhills National Wildlife Refuge

Pine Barrens Treefrog: Survey and Assessment of Prescribed Fire Frequency Impact on Breeding Habitat
Faculty Advisor: Asst. Prof. Jill Anderson
Summary | Presentation | Final Report |

Now: SC DHEC - Water Quality
2013 Dean Bradley SECOORA

Using LIDAR to Predict Coastal Erosion
Faculty Advisor: Res. Prof. Dwayne Porter

Now: PhD CandidateUSC Arnold School of Public Health
OAA Office for Coastal Management
Summary | Presentation | Demo: Tybee Beach Pier, GA |
2013 Easterbrook Kristin CMPIC
NAVAIR Environmental and Energy Awareness Handbook for Project and Program Managers
Faculty Advisor: Res. Prof. Phillip Barnes



Solution Foundry

Configuration Management Process Improvement Center

2013 Goode Sarah SC DHEC - Water Streamlining the QAPP. Translating and simplifying South Carolina’s Quality Assurance Project Plan 
Faculty Advisor: Res. Assoc. Prof. Robin Kloot
Summary | Presentation | Final Report |
Now: SC DHEC Bureau of Air Quality
2013 Ritter Lee Columbia Stormwater Analysis of Impaired Surface Waters in City of Columbia MS4. With Recommendations and Evaluation of BMPs
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Joe Quattro
Summary | Presentation | Final Report |
2013 Rougeaux Jacob SCNG-Environmental Management Species Specific Bat Activity and Susceptibility to White-nose Syndrome
Faculty Advisor: Asst. Prof. Jill Anderson
Summary | Presentation | Final Report | Wildlife Society Report |
Now: Ohio Rural Community Assistance Program
Past: Environmental Service Laboratories, Inc.NaturaLawn of America  
2013 Sun Jingting Columbia Stormwater MS4 Mapping & GIS Data Connectivity in the Rocky Branch Watershed
Faculty Advisor: Prof. L. Allan James
Summary | Presentation | Final Report |
Now: East Point Academy

2012 Adams III Joe SCNG-Environmental Management McCrady Training Center ECOP. Environmental Condition of Property Reports for Proposed Gun Ranges
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Gwen Geidel
| Summary | Video Presentation |
Now: Supervisor, Shaw Floors
2012 Alymov Bakhtiyar TAM Energy New Perspectives for Wind Energy at USC. Assessing the potential for using Blade Tip Power Systems on the USC Columbia Campus 
Faculty Advisor: Asst. Prof Jason Murray
Summary | Video | Final Report |
Now: Environmental Coordinator, Kumtor Gold
2012 Bollinger Amanda City Roots South Carolina Midlands Agritourism  Community Outreach Initiative. An SC Midlands Agritourism Marketing Handbook and Webinar 
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Joe Jones
| Summary Video | Presentation | Final Report | Handbook |
Now: Automated Business Services
2012 Miarka Eric American Rivers Flow Effects of the Parr Shoals Dam. Examining Impacts to the Lower Broad River, Congaree River, and flooding in Congaree National Park as a Result of Altered Flow Regimes on the Lower Broad River
Faculty Advisor: Prof. L. Allen James
| Summary | Video | Presentation Final Report |
Now: Program Coordinator, Gills Creek Watershed Association
2012 Patwardhan Anuj SCNG-Environmental Management Wetlands Health Monitoring Protocol. A protocol to effectively measure the health of the wetlands at the McCrady Training Center 
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Joe Quattro
Summary |  Presentation | Video | Final Report |
Environmental Health Manager, DHEC
Park Ranger, City of Columbia

2011 Brennan Amanda City of Columbia-CPAC Baseline Emissions Inventory and Climate Action Plan
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Kirsten Dow
| Presentation | Final Report |
Now:  Climate Outreach Specialist, Carolinas Integrated Sciences and Assessments
2011 Case Christopher SC DHEC - Water South Carolina’s External Water Quality Monitoring Data Framework
Faculty Advisor: 
| Presentation | Final Report |
Now:  Environmental Health and Safety Specialist, GE
2011 Deweese Callie Gills Creek Watershed Association Conservation Easement and Brownfields Opportunities in the Gills Creek Watershed: GIS Analyses 
Faculty Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Robin "Buz" Kloot
Presentation Final Report |
Now:  LCDR, Coastal Management, U.S. Coast Guard
2011 Kilgo James Gills Creek Watershed Association Conservation Easement and Brownfields Opportunities in the Gills Creek Watershed: Prioritization 
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Daniel Tufford
Presentation Final Report |
Now: Source Water Protection,  SC Rural Water Association
2011 Lawson Mathew Sustainable Carolina Green Office Certification Program 
Faculty Advisor: Prof David Whiteman
Presentation Final Program Packet |
Now: Environmental ScientistTerracon
Past: CSA Manager, City Roots  
2011 Mauk Elyse Anchor
Reconstructing the Last 100 Years from Paleoclimate Proxies to Produce an Independent Record of Global Warming 
Faculty Advisor: Res. Assoc. Prof. Jennifer Pournelle
Now: Conservation CoordinatorHouston Zoo
Past: Research Assoc., NOAA National Climate Data Center Paleoclimatology Branch
2011 Remaglia Chris Congaree National Park The 2011 South Carolina Outreach and Informal Educators Summit (SCOIES) 
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Barry Markovsky
| Presentation SCOIES Presentations | Final Report |
Now: Project Manager, SC DHEC-Land & Water
2011 Sukumar Anjana Pacific Bamboo Resources NGO Roles in International Carbon Markets: Supporting Future Renewable Carbon Offsets in Asia 
Faculty Advisor: Asst. Prof Cinnamon Carlarne
Presentation Handout Final Report |
Now: Area Manager, Homeyer Consulting Services

How to Access Project Reports

Final project presentations and deliverables are available in .pdf form above. For additional project information, please contact the author and/or worksite.