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College of Arts & Sciences
School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment

Jean Ellis

Associate Professor
Department of Geography & 
the School of the Earth, Ocean & Environment

Phone Number: 803-777-1593
Office: Callcott 227
Research Areas: Coastal Processes
Research Summary:

My research focuses on coastal and aeolian geomorphology and the impact of humans on the coastal environment. I approach my geomorphic research from a field and instrument intensive perspective. In the field, my lab measures characteristics of wind, waves, and sand transport, often with custom instruments. My current projects focus on small-scale aeolian sand transport (vertical and horizontal sand flux and ripple formation), dune migration, and wave transformation around breakwaters. The latter project compares field and laboratory collected data. I have had funding to use satellite data to identify areas in the coastal zone for conservation and restoration, with an emphasis on wetlands.

Jean Ellis



GEOG 104: Introduction to Physical Geography
MSCI/GEOL 215: Coastal Environments of the Southeast US (even Spring semesters)
MSCI 390: Science and Environmental Policy (odd Fall semesters)
GEOG 360: Geography of Wind
MSCI/GEOG 590: Beach and Dune Interactions (even Fall semesters)
GEOG 516: Coastal Zone Management (every Spring semester)


Representative Publications 


Spruce, J.P., Smoot, J.C., Ellis, J.T., Hilbert, K., and Swann, R., 2013. Geospatial method for computing supplemental multi-decadal U.S. coastal land-use and land-cover classification products, using Landsat data and C-CAP products. Geocarto International. DOI:10.1080/10106049.2013.798357

Sherman, D.J., Houser, C., Ellis, J.T., Farrell, E.J., Li, B., Davidson-Arnott, R.D., Baas, A.C.W., and Maia, L.P., 2013. Characterization of aeolian streamers using time-average videography. Journal of Coastal Research, SI65: 1331-1336.

Cappietti, L., Sherman, D.J., and Ellis, J.T., 2013. Wave transmission and water setup behind an emergent rubble-mound breakwater. Journal of Coastal Research, 29(3): 694-705.

Sherman, D.J., Li, B., Ellis, J.T., Farrell, E.J., Maia, L.P., and Granja, H., 2013. Recalibrating aeolian sand transport models. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 38: 169-178.

Ellis, J.T. and Cappietti. L., 2013. Storm-driven hydrodynamic and sedimentological impacts to an engineered coast. Journal of Coastal Research, SI65: 1461-1466.

*Barrineau, P., and Ellis, J.T., 2013. Sediment transport and wind flow around hummocks. Aeolian Research, 8: 19-27.

Farrell, E.J., Sherman, D.J., Ellis, J.T., and Li, B., 2012. Vertical distribution of grain size for wind blown sand. Aeolian Research, 7: 51-61.     

Ellis, J.T., and *Dean, B.J., 2012. Gulf of Mexico processes. Journal of Coastal Research, SI60: 6-13.

Ellis, J.T., Sherman, D.J., Farrell, E.J., and Li, B., 2012. Temporal and spatial variability of aeolian sand transport: Implications for field measurements. Aeolian Research, 3: 379-287.

* denotes students or postdocs