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College of Arts & Sciences
School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment

Giving to the SEOE - How and Where to Give

The School of the Earth, Ocean & Environment (SEOE) has a number of University of South Carolina Development funds that provide vital support to our students. To give to any of the funds listed below please use the following form:

You can also donate by using the online pledge form (instructions follow).  Please make sure you use the appropriate fund number and/or endowment/fund title.

Instructions for Online Pledge Form.  This is just a pledge. Once completed, the University will mail you the appropriate form to fill out and you will then send back to the University. 

  1. Note the number and name of the fund to which you want to contribute
  2. Click the “GIVE” icon below, or go to the SEOE or any USC homepage and click “GIVE” at the top or bottom of the screen
  3. Click on the yellow box “Give Now” at the top right of the screen
  4. Click on “Make a Gift”
  5. Choose “Area to Support” by clicking the arrow button and scroll down to choose College of Arts and Sciences
  6. Click on “Do you want your gift to go to a specific project? (optional)" and choose “other” from the drop-down menu
  7. Enter the number and name of the fund to which you want to contribute, along with any information on matching from a company or employer.  Specify here if you want to remain anonymous.
  8. Enter Gift amount
  9. Select Gift Frequency
  10. Choose if gift is a pledge or a pledge payment
  11. There’s an option to click “Add Dedication”, either in Honor or in Memoriam.  Fill out if needed.
  12. Click “Save Gift”.



School Fund Listing

A31899 School of the Earth, Ocean & Environment Interdisciplinary Enrichment Fund
B11188 June Trapp Swanson Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund 


1B1533 Friends of the Baruch Institute Endowment Fund
1B1710 F. John Vernberg Graduate Fellowship in Marine Science
B11117 F. John Vernberg Bicentennial Fellowship in Marine Sciences
1B1879 Franklin H. & Virginia Spivey Endowment for Education & Research
1C1126 Class of '32 Distinguished Professorship
B11508 Keith Eric & John Mark Dean Visiting Scholarship in Science and Oceanography
C11041 Dorothy D. Smith Baruch Institute Coastal Studies Endowed Chair 

1A3103 Earth & Ocean Sciences, Department of
1B1101 Taber, Stephen Fellowship
1B1951 Dr. Mack Gipson, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
1C1633 John Carpenter Endowment for Geoscience and Environmental Science Education
1A3981 SC Seismic Network Fund
1C1737 Travel Fund for Vertebrate Paleontology
B11435 Pradeep Talwani Endowment Fund for Graduate Studies in Geophysics
B11889 Jim Whitworth Endowed Fellowship Fund
B11939 Gilbert Joseph and Dana Lea Nolet Endowed Scholarship Fund

1A3724 E&SP Carolina Fund
1A3944 SCANA Corporation Distinguished Lecturer in Natural History & Enivronmental Studies
1B1931 Sustainable Universities Initiative
1B1960 Samuel Freeman Charitable Trust Fund
1C1673 Environmental Scholars Endowment
A31017 Strachan Donnelley Environment Fund
A31713 Environment and Sustainability Program Chernobyl Research Fund
A31986 Terracon USC MEERM Scholars Fund
4I1100  Environmental Fellows Account

1B1280 Edgar S. Driver Award
1A3679 Susan & Frank Keith Prize Award
A32005 Carbon Sequestration

Marine Science: 
1A3653 Vernberg Awards in Marine Science
1A3680 Marine Science Program Fund
1A3770 Palmetto Shell Club Scholarship for Marine Science
1B1360 David Odom Memorial Fund
B11067 Traci J. Heincelman Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
B11647 Marine Science Endowed Student Support Fund
B11680 BJ and RJ Canini Marine Science Endowed Scholarship Fund
B11872 Richard C. Morris Marine Science Endowed Scholarship Fund