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Good News from The Baruch Institute -- Update!

Congratulations Everyone!

Erik Smith
Evaluating Living Shorelines to Inform Regulatory Decision-Making in South Carolina.  Dr. Erik Smith.  $52,602. SC Dept. of Natural Resources/Univ. of Michigan/NOAA 
Dwayne Porter
Continuing Support of the NERR Centralized Data Management Office funded by National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Dwayne Porter,


Ryan Rykaczewski at Melbourne Beach
From Physics to Fisheries: a Social-Ecological Management Strategy Evaluation for the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem, funded by NOAA, Ryan Rykaczewski, $38,505 (year 1) 


Photo of James Morris
Collaborative Research: RUI: The Influence of Mangrove Invasion and Rising Temperatures on Belowground Processes in Coastal Ecosystems.  Dr. James Morris.  $197,999.  Villanova University/NSF
Predicting Long-term Salt Marsh Response to Episodic Sediment Deposition Events Under Sea-level Rise" funded by US Army Corps of Engineers/DOD, Jame Morris, $80,000 (Year 2)
LTREB Renewal: Long Term Studies of Salt Marsh Primary Production" funded by National Science Foundation (NSF), James Morris, $270,000 (Years 3-5)
EESLR 2016 – Dynamic sea level rise assessments of the ability of natural and nature-based features to mitigate surge and nuisance flooding.  James T. Morris.  NOAA/LSU.  $50,000 (Year 2)
LTER-Plum Island Ecosystems: Dynamics of Coastal Ecosystems in a Region of Rapid Climate Change, Sea-level Rise, and Human Impacts.. James T. Morris.  NSF/MBL.  $68,919 (Year 2)