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College of Arts & Sciences
School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment

MEERM - Thesis Option

Thank you for your interest in our MEERM Thesis Option.  Below is general information on the MEERM thesis degree program and progression requirements.

This master’s degree program is focus-based on students’ backgrounds and interests. Electives are available in geological, biological, marine, and environmental health sciences; geography; chemistry and biochemistry; chemical, civil, and environmental engineering; environmental law; policy; and business administration, based on the background and needs of the student. At least one-third of the course work must be in earth and environmental resources and at least one-third in management, finance, policy, and economics, but no more than 50 percent in either field. Students will be required to complete six hours of integrative seminars. Courses exist in business administration for graduate students with nonbusiness backgrounds. Students will be required to demonstrate sufficient background in one or more fields, gained by academic study or experience, to qualify for graduate courses in earth or environmental resources.

On admission, M.E.E.R.M. students must make satisfactory progress toward the award of the degree, including:

(1)   Selection of a Thesis Advisor from the faculty of the SEOE (selected prior to admission)

(2)   Formation of a Thesis Committee (1st year) - see FORMS page

(3)   Submission of a M.E.E.R.M. Program of Study (1st year) - Form required - see FORMS page

(4)   Submission of a M.E.E.R.M. Program of Study Adjustment (if necessary) - see FORMS page

(5)   Thesis Qualifying/Comprehensive Exam (1st year); - Form required - see FORMS page

(6)   Thesis Defense Exam (2nd year) - Form required - see FORMS page

(7)   Thesis Signature and Approval (2nd year) - Form required - see FORMS page

All forms should be initiated by the student, signed by appropriate advisor/committee members, and returned to the Office of Student Services in the Earth & Water Science Building (EWS) room 205, to Stephanie Bradley, Graduate Program Coordinator, for review and approval by The Graduate Director.  The form(s) will then be forwarded as necessary to The Graduate School by Stephanie Bradley.  Please feel free to call (803) 777-7170 if you have any questions.