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College of Arts & Sciences
School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment


Course # Title Instructor
GEOL 101 Introduction to the Earth C. Knapp
GEOL 101 Introduction to the Earth Cicimurri
GEOL 101-E01 Intro to the Earth (evening course) J. Bartholomew
GEOL 103 Environment of the Earth Torres
GEOL 110 Cultural Geology Lang
GEOL 201 Observing the Earth Leier
GEOL 201-H10 Observing the Earth (Honors) Leier
GEOL 205 Earth Resources Bizimis
GEOL 302 Rocks & Minerals Yogodzinski
GEOL 305 Earth Systems Through Time Lang
GEOL 325 Stratigraphy, Sedimentary Basins Barbeau
GEOL 335 Processes of Global Environmental Change Ziolkowski
GEOL 355 Mountain Building: Struct/Tect J Knapp
GEOL 531 Plate Tectonics Owens
GEOL 548 Marine Geophysics White
GEOL 560 Earth Resource Management Geidel
GEOL 582 Marine Hydrodynamics Yankovsky
GEOL 781 Physical Oceanography Bulusu
GEOL 784 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Yankovsky