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College of Arts & Sciences
School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment

2017 ENVR Summer Course Schedule

Course-Sec Title Dates Days Times Instuctor Location
101 Introduction to the Environment (.pdf) 05/08-05/25 MTWR 03:30 pm-06:40 pm Jennifer Rene' Pournelle (P) COKER 102
101L Introduction to the Environment Lab 05/08-05/25 MW 08:30 am-11:30 am Jennifer Rene' Pournelle (P) COKER 104
231 - J10 Introduction to Sustainability Management and Leadership 05/08-06/22   TBA Tameria Marie Warren (P) WEB COLUMBIA
321 Environmental Pollution and Health (.pdf) 06/26-08/10 MTWR 10:15 am-11:40 am William Jones (P) WQUADD 102
    06/26-08/10 MTWR 10:16 am-11:41 am William Jones (P) WQUADD 103
490 Topic: Sustainability in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany (.pdf) 05/08-05/25   TBA Lara C. Ducate (P) TBA
499 Maintaining and Restoring Sustainable Hydrology in Iraq 05/30-08/03   TBA Jennifer Rene' Pournelle (P) TBA
499 Research in Environmental Science 05/30-08/03   TBA Gwendelyn Geidel (P) TBA
790 Directed Individual Studies     TBA mutiple instructors TBA
799 Directed Individual Studies     TBA mutiple instructors TBA